Made in Singapore: Health And Life Sciences Edition | SGInnovate
May 24


32 Carpenter Street
Singapore 059911

Made in Singapore: Health And Life Sciences Edition

Organised by General Assembly. Partnered with SGInnovate

Technology and innovation has great potential to be a great force in helping communities solve grand challenges in faster, more collaborative and data-driven ways. Join us in a panel discussion with innovators and entrepreneurs who are leaders in the area of health and life sciences. They will discuss the challenges they are solving - from drones to first responder vehicles to nurturing an ecosystem for engineers and computer scientists to build world-class tech companies from scratch.

Date: 24 May 2018
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Venue: 32 Carpenter Street, Singapore 059911

6:30pm – 7:00pm: Check-in and Networking
7:00pm – 7:45pm: Panel discussion
7:45pm – 8:15pm: Q&A
8:15pm – 9:00pm: Closing


Moderator: Rob Hodges, Senior Director, SGInnovate

Speakers' Profiles:

Dr. Bernd Willems Photo

, Lead Scientist Singapore, Business Development Manager Asia,
AYOXXA Living Health Technologies

Dr. Bernd Willems got a PhD from the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore where he conducted research on the genetic networks underlying skeletal development in Zebrafish and Medaka. He then returned to Germany and started his corporate career with a large hospital consortium where he coordinated the Clinical Research arm. Subsequently, he spent three years with QIAGEN as a Global Product Manager. In 2017, he joined AYOXXA to represent the company in Singapore as a Scientist and Business Development Manager.

Ricky Lin Photo

, Founder, Life3 Biotech

Ricky Lin is the founder of Life3 Biotech, a start-up company focusing on innovative functional foods and beverages through the use of natural plant-based ingredients; to address health concerns such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis attributed to poor nutrition and lifestyle habits. Life3's work on plant-based protein as an alternative to meat, bagged two out of five awards in the Singapore Food Innovation Product Award 2016 and 2018. Their work has also been exclusively featured by the various media platform such as TechInnovation Singapore, Channel News Asia, Today, Asia Pacific Food Industry, The Edge Singapore as well as The South China Morning Post. 

Prior to Life3, Ricky was a staff officer with the Singapore Armed Forces; he led the working group in HQ Supply for the essential ration supplies and nutritional support to optimise the soldiers' performance in local and overseas environment. He subsequently worked at Hendon Energy’s international trading desk, covering the physical and OTC commodities market. 

Apart from work, Ricky actively contributes to the local and international community over the last 10 years. From leading the West Coast-Ayer Rajah GRC Youth Executive Committee as the Chairperson to serving as the District Councillor to Mayor of South East Community Development Council, Ricky believes in championing changes through innovation and collaboration in cross-disciplinary studies.

Vas Metupalle Photo

, Co-Founder, MyDoc Pte Ltd

Dr Metupalle is a serial healthcare entrepreneur, having started a diagnostic services company, Clarity Radiology, advised medtech and eHealth companies in South and South East Asia. He was the co founder of Singapore based digital health company, MyDoc in 2012. Dr Metupalle obtained an MBBS from King’s College London. He has also got an eMBA from Nanyang Business School. His focus is on technology driven productivity improvements in the provider space and bringing wider value based care platform, while working with payors and corporates.

Robert L. Hodges Photo

, Senior Director (Medtech), Investments, SGInnovate

Mr Robert (Rob) Hodges has over 30 years of experience in the technology and biotech industries. He is currently the Senior Director (MedTech) with SGInnovate, working with healthcare startups on development, fundraising, strategy, planning and operations. 

Previously Mr. Hodges served as the Chief Operating Officer of Veredus Laboratories Pte. Ltd., a company that specializes in innovative multiplexed molecular solutions in the clinical, specialty, and custom testing markets. Mr. Hodges created and directed the Molecular Diagnostics and Biomedical Business Units for STMicroelectronics, Inc., a global leader in the semiconductor market. Prior to that, Mr. Hodges held various leadership positions in R&D, manufacturing, quality, and business development for STMicroelectronics. 

Mr. Hodges holds 33 US patents and has numerous publications in journals and conferences. He received B.S. degrees in Physics, Math, and Electrical & Computer Engineering from The University of Texas and an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from TheUniversity of Texas at Dallas. 

Sadaf Monajemi Photo

, Co-Founder and Director, See-Mode Technologies

Sadaf Monajemi is the co-founder of See-Mode Technologies, a med-tech startup that empowers doctors to predict strokes without any additional test. Using routinely collected medical images, See-Mode provides the critical risk factors required for stroke prediction that are missing from current clinical tools. This is achieved by combining computer vision, artificial intelligence, and computational fluid dynamics. See-Mode is running clinical trials with two Singaporean hospitals and has started pilots with the largest private healthcare providers across APAC.

Before starting See-Mode, Sadaf completed her PhD in the National University of Singapore, focusing on machine learning and AI for medical applications. She also has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a dual degree in Biomedical Engineering. Applying her expertise in AI, she has tackled complex biomedical problems for more than 6 years and collaborated with academics in UCLA, University of Oxford, and Imperial College London.


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