Technology & Society: Innovation for Social Impact | SGInnovate
June 27


BASH, Level 3
Block 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent
Singapore 139955

Technology & Society: Innovation for Social Impact

Presented by SGInnovate, Partnered With WholeTree Foundation

This event brings together technologists, change makers, impact investors, social innovators and impact accelerators on a single panel for an engaging discussion around the topics of innovation for social impact. 

  • In what ways are frontier technologies such as AI and blockchain helping to create social impact?
  • What are some major areas where technology could play a significant role in delivering social impact or bridging gaps in the social eco-system?
  • How can technology be better leveraged to enhance or multiply social impact?
  • What are some possible challenges in using technology for greater social impact? And how can these be addressed?
  • How can tech companies better innovate for positive social impact? 
  • What makes for meaningful social innovation?
  • What are relevant criteria for impact investment?

Date: 27 June 2018
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Venue: BASH, Level 3, Block 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955


  • Bidyut Dumra, Executive Director / Head of Innovation & Ecosystems, DBS Bank
  • Larry Tchiou, Founder, UNFRAMED
  • Leon Toh, Executive Director, Damson Capital
  • Dr. Shariha Khalid Erichsen, Co-Founder, Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur

Moderator: Chow Yen-Lu, Executive Chairman, WholeTree Foundation

Speakers’ and moderator’s profiles:

Bidyut Dumra, Executive Director / Head of Innovation and Ecosystems, DBS Bank
As Executive Director and Head of Innovation and Ecosystems at DBS Bank, Bidyut is responsible for building winning partnerships between the bank and various external communities. He is also responsible for conceptualizing and delivering various outcome-driven programs that engage with the education, government, startup, fintech and social enterprise communities amongst others.

Chow Yen-Lu, Executive Chairman, WholeTree Foundation
Yen-Lu is the co-founder & executive chairman, WholeTree Foundation / Over-The-Rainbow, co-founder & chairman, Singapore Creations Etc, managing partner, WholeTree Ventures, and a founding partner, Fatfish MediaLab. He has worked in the technology, media, and venture capital industries for 35 years. A former Apple Distinguished Technologist, Yen-Lu is a successful entrepreneur with multiple tech start-ups and an active angel investor, having spent many years mentoring and advising entrepreneurs and young businesses. He served as executive mentor and adjunct professor to NUS Enterprise, serves as mentor to INSEAD, NUS, SIM, SMU, and on numerous panels on entrepreneurship and innovation internationally, while advising the government on such matters. As a social entrepreneur, student of spirituality and seeker of truth, Yen-Lu understands the importance of mental wellness as a life priority.

Larry Tchiou, Founder, UNFRAMED
Larry Tchiou is the founder of UNFRAMED (, the leading social impact community with over 510 social entrepreneurs trained, 221 social ventures supported and 150 cross-sector industry organisations and mentors partnered since 2014. A serial social entrepreneur, Larry started his career in the tech industry in New York City and Silicon Valley before moving to Asia where he co-founded MakeSense, an Ashoka-awarded global community. A social innovation and entrepreneurship practitioner, Larry has been involved in building ecosystems, advising and mentoring hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 8 years in China, Europe & Singapore. He was most recently recognised by Tatler as part of Gen.T 2018, the list of 50 of the brightest connectors, creative visionaries, influential innovators and disruptive talents in Singapore.

Leon Toh, Executive Director, Damson Capital
Leon Toh is the executive director of Damson Capital in Singapore, supporting social entrepreneurs creating sustained positive change through enterprise. Damson focuses on social impact investments, enterprise development, and impact innovation within Asia. Leon serves on the Board for a Renewable Energy company in Sri Lanka, supporting small and marginalised farmers. Previously, Leon was a management consultant with Accenture, a petrochemical price reporter with the Independent Chemical Information Service (ICIS) and conducted research in East Timor with Monash University on Coffee Farming households.
Dr. Shariha Khalid Erichsen, Co-Founder, Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur
Shariha is a social investor and designer who believes that by building, supporting and putting together like-minded individuals and organisations around a common cause, new ways can be found to address society’s most pressing challenges. In her role as a +SocialGood Connector, she connects people and causes around social good, both online and offline. As a Global Good Fund Ambassador, she finds the next generation of change leaders for a 15-month tailored fellowship, and as an advisor to governments in the region, she connects them to policy decisions that can build the ecosystem supporting changemakers and create social impact where it is most needed. A co-founder of Impact Hub KL, she led the establishment of the team, space, mentorship programmes, and partnerships. Shariha will continue in this role as the Hub finds its feet and grows its community and partners network.

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  • ScaleUp with SGInnovate-Microsoft Startup Pitching

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  • AI Readly

    This reading group is suited for AI researchers, academics and advanced practitioners. We meet every Tuesday, 7:00pm - 9:00pm at BASH, Level 3, Block 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent (part of JTC [email protected]-North) to discuss top recent AI-related arXiv preprint papers. 

  • AI & The Future of Money

    The world of finance is rapidly evolving. Today, there are new ways to pay, lend, invest, and conduct almost every type of financial transaction. And the pace of innovation is not slowing down, in fact, it's picking up.

  • AI Evening: Delivering Deep Learning in Enterprise, Setting Up Engineering Backbone Processes

    Join SGInnovate and IBM on 21 June as we explore how to instill deep learning as an engineering process in enterprises. While the science is becoming accessible, practicing it in a repeatable and measurable enterprise discipline remain hard.

  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning Workshop for Multiple Data Types

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  • BlockFellows Singapore Hub

    BlockFellows is a community initiative by TokenScore to train up more blockchain experts and competent blockchain programmers for free. We are partnering with Indorse and SGInnovate to run the Singapore Hub of BlockFellows, with weekly meetups for the Advanced Blockchain Programming fellowship running for 15 weeks, led by volunteer expert mentors.

  • Deep Tech Stories: Australia and Singapore

    Date: 25 June 2018
    Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
    Venue: BASH, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-01, Singapore 139955

  • New Tech and Energy Companies of the Future

    The session will focus on the intersection of new tech and energy companies of the future, which will be distributed and running on a digital backbone. We will discuss what are the different technology solutions and what are the capabilities they bring and how they will change the business models.

  • The Appier Story: Building an AI Startup from the Ground Up

    At this first Appier AI Masterclass, Appier’s CEO and Co-Founder Chih-han Yu will share his own journey in AI and how together with a few friends, they decided to start a company to realise their vision for how AI can contribute to society.

  • Blockchain 3.0 - Future Decentralized

    The first version of blockchain of bitcoin blockchain focuses on peer-to-peer money transfer. As blockchain technology evolved from this version 1.0, Ethereum has emerged as version 2.0 allowing decentralised apps to be built on top of it. Version 3.0 promises to be highly scalable with millions of transactions running on it with the aim of allowing real world complex applications to run atop. Join us as we explore how MorpheusLabs together with Quarkchain bring this idea to live.

  • AngelCentral Pitch Day

    Join us as our curated pool of startups pitches to our community of angel investors to raise funds for their business. During the session, we will also be sharing about what AngelCentral does to support the angel investment scene in Southeast Asia. 

  • Design a T-shirt: Think Geek, Think Deep

    Passionate about STEM and want to be part of the rapidly growing science & technology community? Here is your chance! Whether you are a designer, coder or engineer by training, let your creative juices flow - YOU can show how cool deep technology is by designing a t-shirt that is uniquely coded.

  • Bluzelle Phase 2: Building the New Data Economy

    Data is now a new currency. Apps and devices exchange massive amounts of data; companies like Facebook abuse and sell your data; centralised structures are leading to more and more data breaches.

  • Blockchain Programming for Programmers – Session 7

    This is a hands-on event - please come with laptops. We will be programming. At the end of the session, you should have working code. 

  • Live With AI: Understanding Human Needs Amidst the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

    Live with AI’s key board members will present their research on the positive impact AI will bring to our society and business and highlight key recommendations to better live with AI. 

  • Blockchain in Art: Authentication & Provenance

    Provenance Tracking is a blockchain powered tagging solution developed by LuxTag for Poesy Liang. It utilizes the NEM Blockchain Technology, offering smart contracts and multi-signature features. The project has the purpose of recording the provenance history of every piece of art. 

  • How AI Improves Customer Experience and Employee Productivity

    AI-powered chatbots, when connected to deep customer data, can deliver powerful new customer service experiences and help service organisations scale at a low cost. Join us to gain insights on how leading corporations and organisations are using Einstein Bots, using AI to deliver the future of customer service, to help customers get to answers faster in a personalised way. We will discuss how you can get your service organisations ready for working with bots and best practices for implementing Einstein Bots to reduce time and effort for both your customers and agents.  

  • Technology That Matters: Epi-everything: Convergent Technologies Yield New Opportunities Beyond the Genome

    Humans are defined by the set of ~20,000 genes that comprise the genome, which is often viewed as a human parts list – the “what” of molecular biology. The central dogma of molecular biology then describes “how” these genes are expressed: they are transcribed into messenger RNAs that are translated into proteins.  But it says nothing about the “when” or “how much” of gene expression. 

  • Deep Learning Jump-Start Workshop

    SGInnovate partners with Red Dragon AI to offer hands-on, cutting-edge training to developers and data scientists who are looking to build AI Applications for real world use.

  • Startup Stories: Deep Tech Built from Singapore for the World

    Forget metrics like Gross Merchandise Value, Conversions and Traffic Growth. The founders and senior executives of Deep Technology companies in Singapore, covering the fields of space tech, medtech, autonomous vehicles, show how their companies offer a direct benefit to the environment, healthcare and urban planning. Learn how DeepTech is changing the world — for the better.

  • Blockchain Programming for Programmers – Session 8

    This is a hands-on event - please come with laptops. We will be programming. At the end of the session, you should have working code. 

  • NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Fundamentals Workshop for Computer Vision

    SGInnovate partners with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) to offer hands-on training to developers, data scientists, and researchers looking to solve real world problems with deep learning across diverse industries such as self-driving cars, healthcare, online services and robotics.