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The learning opportunities that SGInnovate is putting together would be helpful for individuals to pick up core competencies to be part of the (Deep Tech) movement.
Richard Koh
Richard Koh

Chief Technology Officer Microsoft Singapore

SGInnovate has been extremely helpful in my career development. Through their platform and panels, I have gained predominant knowledge and excellent guidance, which enabled me to drive the data and AI initiatives at Lazada.
Muni Vinay Kamisetty
Muni Vinay Kamisetty

Senior Vice President, Regional Head of Data and AI – Enterprise Intelligence Lazada Group

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  • Traceability and Transparency: Building Sustainable Supply Chains

    More frequent global shocks, increasing consumer demands for transparency and sustainability, and looming regulations are forcing businesses to better understand their entire supply chain (not just what’s easily visible). Yet, a Bain study found that 60% of companies have zero visibility into inputs beyond Tier 1 of their supply chains.
    Traceability will be a key differentiator: those who succeed will build competitive weapons, those who do not face risks and customer flight. Technology can enable this transparency with automated data sharing and visualisations across multiple parties, but it is not the only barrier to success. An equally daunting but perhaps more complicated challenge is designing the right governance, operating and partnership model, and data rights. 
    With 80% of the top 20 bilateral trade routes going through APAC by 2030, the region has a critical role to play. Early movers can reap significant advantages by defining the region’s industry standards and capitalising on white space. Join us as we explore how businesses can develop and leverage traceability to build a great supply chain – that is efficient, reliable, resilient, and sustainable. 

    Topics: Deep Tech for Good, Sustainability

    Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Digital Supply Chain Security and Data Privacy: Detect, Remediate and Protect from Threats

    Today's digital supply chains are just one click away for employees, suppliers and customers spread across the globe. Data breaches, ransomware attacks and malicious activities from insiders and attackers can occur at any tier of an organization's supply chain. Any risk to the integrity of the products and services being delivered, the privacy of the data being exchanged, and the completeness of associated transactions can have detrimental fiscal and operational ramifications.

    Topics: Computer Science, Others

    Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Looking Ahead: Supply Chain Management Trends in 2022 and Beyond

    Supply chains are the lifeblood of most businesses today. Improving the future resilience of supply chains has become a priority for every business, especially with the changing consumer demands and supply chain disruptions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    Topics: Industry 4.0 and Robotics

    Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain