Future of Mobility-as-a-Service and Autonomous Vehicles [Online Event] | SGInnovate
November 04 2020


Online Event

Future of Mobility-as-a-Service and Autonomous Vehicles [Online Event]

Presented by SGInnovate and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore

In the age of digitalisation, many have seen a change in their lifestyle choices. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), the potential use of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and improvement in travel planning have created a more optimal and consumer-friendly mobility system. This might cause a shift away from personally-owned modes of transportation and towards mobility provided as a service. On the other hand, COVID-19 is causing new challenges, and shared mobility might prove to be less desirable. How will this impact the short term developments and what can be expected in the longer term? How can solution providers respond to the current situation and plan for the near and long-term future?

Join us for this event where we discuss how science and technology innovation will improve sustainability, accessibility and overall optimisation of mobility systems, and how the urban mobility industry can find growth opportunities. Hear more from our speakers, as they share current trends, effects of COVID-19 and how AI impacts and accelerates technical possibilities for AV’s and revolutionise urban mobility trends.

Date: 4 November 2020 
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm (Singapore Time / UTC+8)


4:00pm – 4:05pm: Opening Remarks
4:05pm – 5:00pm:  Panel Discussion and Q&A 

  • Olaf op den Camp, Senior Consultant, Integrated Vehicle Safety Department of TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)  

  • Gijs Dubbelman, CTO and Co-Founder, AI in Motion  

  • Akash Passey, Senior Vice President, Volvo Bus Corporation 

  • James Fu, Director of Technology, Motional 

  • Moderator Emilia Silvas, Cluster Program Manager and Scientist, Integrated Vehicle Safety Department of TNO  

Speakers’ Profiles: 

Olaf Op Den Camp, Senior Consultant, Integrated Vehicle Safety Department of TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) 


Olaf op den Camp is Senior Consultant TNO Integrated Vehicle Safety. His main focus is on safety assessment methods and tools for ADAS and CCAD. Olaf is the technical lead of the TNO StreetWise methodology that shows how to describe tests for (connected, cooperative) automated systems based on real-world scenarios.  

Singapore is familiar terrain for Olaf, since March 2018 he has been seconded at the CETRAN (Centre of Excellence of Testing & Research of Automated Vehicles @ NTU) to develop a framework for the safety assessment of Automated Vehicles that will be deployed in Singapore. Test cases are determined based on the StreetWise approach, and monitored deployment based on StreetProof technology is considered. 

Gijs Dubbelman, CTO and Co-Founder, AI in Motion 


Gijs Dubbelman, PhD, is an assistant professor and principal investigator of the Mobile Perception Systems (MPS) lab at Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE). He is also CTO of AI in Motion, a high-tech TUE start-up in the field of AI for mobile autonomous systems. The MPS lab focuses on AI technologies that allow mobile sensor platforms to perceive and understand the world around them. 

Key research areas are computer vision, pattern recognition, and deep learning. Important application domains of the MPS lab are automotive and transportation. The MPS lab has successfully initiated and is leading several national (NWO perspectief) and international (H2020) research projects in these research and application domains. Dr Dubbelman has designed and developed state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms for obstacle detection, ego-motion estimation, and simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM). 

His current research focuses on integrating automated reasoning into perception technology, forming a new line of research called automated perceptual reasoning.  

He obtained his BSc Degree in Information and Communication Technology and his MSc Degree cum laude in Artificial intelligence form the University of Amsterdam. In 2011 he received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam on the topic of intrinsic statistical techniques for robust pose estimation. He performed his PhD research in close cooperation with Intelligent Imaging department of the national organisation of applied scientific research of the Netherlands (TNO). In 2011 and 2012 he was a member of the internationally renowned Field Robotics Center of Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute, where he performed research on 3-D computer vision systems for autonomous robots and vehicles. 

Akash Passey, Senior Vice President, Volvo Bus Corporation 


Akash Passey presently serves as Sr. Vice President – Volvo Bus Corporation and is a member of the Volvo Bus Executive Management. Akash is based in Singapore. 

In the past decade, Akash has successfully enhanced the business footprint of Volvo Buses in international markets spread across Asia Pacific, Oceania, China, India, Africa, Middle East and CIS countries.  

Having run businesses from India, Sweden and Singapore, Akash regards the opportunity to present innovative people transportation solutions and working with talented people across the globe as the biggest perks of his job. 

Over the years Akash has served in Boards of various leading companies including Sunwin Buses, China and Volvo Construction Equipment AB. Akash has been the founding Managing Director & CEO of Volvo Buses India in 2001 where he spearheaded Volvo Buses entry into the South Asian subcontinent and established Volvo Bus as a ticket brand in India. Akash has over 25 years of experience in the truck and bus Industry. Akash serves as Senior Executive Advisor to the Swedish India Business Council (SIBC), Stockholm. 

James Fu, Director of Technology, Motional 


James Fu is the Director of Technology at Motional. He also leads the Strategic Projects Architecture Group at Motional. His work involves the development of technology and software required for autonomous vehicle driving and intelligent fleet management with the eventual goal of an autonomous mobility service. He is one of the founding members of nuTonomy, where Motional traces its roots. He was previously a Research Scientist at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, where he led the Autonomous Vehicles Group under the Future Urban Mobility IRG. At SMART, he was involved and oversaw Singapore's first public trial of autonomous vehicles in Oct 2014, which involved two autonomous golf buggies at the Chinese and Japanese Gardens in Singapore. He received his PhD and B.Eng degrees from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore in 2005 and 2013 respectively. 

Moderator’s Profile: 

Emilia Silvas, Cluster Program Manager and Scientist, Integrated Vehicle Safety Department of TNO  


Emilia Silvas is Cluster Program Manager Smart Vehicle at TNO and an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Eindhoven University of Technology. Recently she started as chair of the Mobility, Transport and Logistics working group at the Netherlands AI Coalition.  

Her current work interest lies in the area of cooperative and automated vehicle systems and mobile robots, focusing on intelligent control methods enabled by optimization and AI. This includes advanced control methods, motion planning, optimal system design, system identification and modelling, data mining (methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistics). 

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