Trends in AI and Automation Across Geographies | SGInnovate
July 20 2017


32 CARPENTER STREET, Singapore 059911

Trends in AI and Automation Across Geographies

Presented by SGInnovate

Join us for a spirited discussion on trends in AI and Automation in Silicon Valley, and the ripple effects felt in the rest of the world. Also, what are the new innovation hubs emerging in the world and what is their impact on Silicon Valley.


Our excellent panel consists of Christopher Schroeder, Dr. Noah Raford and Steve Leonard and will be moderated by Ayesha Khanna.


Speakers' Profile


Christopher M. Schroeder is an American entrepreneur, advisor and investor in interactive technologies and social communications. He co-founded, one of the nation's largest social and content platforms in health and wellness sold to Remedy Health in 2012.


Steve Leonard is Founding CEO of SGInnovate and a technology-industry leader with a wide range of experiences, having played key roles in building several global technology companies.


Dr. Noah Raford is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Dubai Future Foundation and a former advisor on futures, foresight, and innovation in the UAE Prime Minister’s Office.


Ayesha Khanna is CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence advisory and incubator headquartered in Singapore.

Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Others