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Ethereum Singapore: Melonport Keynote


Mar 08 2017, Wednesday - Mar 22 2017, WednesdaySee Schedule below for times Singapore


32 Carpenter Street

, Singapore

, 059911


Ethereum Singapore is proud to present Melonport and their CTO, Reto Trinkler, in a keynote special for the month of April.

Melonport, a digital asset management protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, recently concluded their highly successful crowdsale, which saw them raise almost $3,000,000 (227,000 ETH).

Read more here About the speakers:

1) Gaurang Torvekar: Gaurang is the co-organizer of this Ethereum Singapore meetup and the co-founder of Attores, a blockchain solutions company that provides services such as document signing. Attores.com

2) Reto Trinkler: Chairman/CTO Reto is a blockchain developer with background in mathematics from ETH Zurich. He started developing Ethereum smart contracts immediately after their launch in 2015. He worked as a smart-contract developer at Brainbot Technologies (which is building the high-speed Raiden Network) and is host of Zurich's Blockchain Hacklab. Before this Reto developed a profitable trading algorithm for sport betting exchanges in C++.