Insightful deep-tech blogs by Team SGInnovate
  • Securing a digital future

    Not even the tech giants are immune to being hacked, said industry experts at a SGInnovate panel that discussed how security can be beefed up in cyberspace.

  • When AI gets leaner and meaner

    New AI approaches that require less data and computational power are changing the game for tech giants and startups alike, said speakers at the INSEAD Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Festival.

  • A Virtual Blueprint for Success

    It’s not all fun and games with virtual reality—Singapore startup VRcollab is shaking up the construction industry with its VR approach to building design and review.

  • A dose of (virtual) reality

    With virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies blurring the seams between reality and fantasy, everyone from startups to academia and even NASA wants a slice of the action.

  • Ready for liftoff

    With technological advances lowering barriers to entry for startups and smaller players, it’s all systems go for Singapore space tech.

  • The age of the astropreneur is here

    As space becomes increasingly democratised, even small companies in small countries can get in on the game, says Dr Bidushi Bhattacharya, CEO and co-founder of Singapore-based space tech incubator Astropreneurs HUB.