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Israel-Singapore - A Tech Innovation and Fundraising Love Story


Feb 14 2023, Tuesday04:30 PM - 06:00 PM (GMT+08:00)-Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


Shazar Ave 1, Jerusalem, Israel

, Israel

, 9106001


Israel and Singapore’s tech and business ecosystems share many similarities, including a limited domestic audience and close connections with a wider regional market.

As both ecosystems grow, there is much for entrepreneurs in each market to learn from one another. In this panel, get insights across the investment, entrepreneurship and ecosystem-building perspectives on how businesses can leverage Singapore’s innovation network to accelerate business growth.

  • Veronica Puah, Executive Director – Community, SGInnovate
  • Ron Snir Abel, Venture Partner, Executive Chairman, Aloniq
  • Yoav Elgrichi, Co-founder and CEO, Riderdome
  • Jeremy Loh, Co-founder and Partner, Genesis Alternative Ventures