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SIM Society Learning Series 2023


Oct 27 2023, Friday - Oct 28 2023, SaturdaySee Schedule below for times (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


See below for location details

, Singapore



SIM Society Learning Series is an engaging event designed to equip attendees with the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape. The learning series brings together industry leaders, subject matter experts, and forward-thinking professionals to explore and develop the key competencies necessary to navigate and excel in the future.

The two half-day event will feature interactive workshops, and panel discussions, providing a comprehensive learning experience. Networking sessions will be an integral part of the event, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded professionals and industry leaders. In addition to the wealth of knowledge and expertise shared during the event, SIM Society or SIMSOC membership provides access to an ongoing network of support and collaboration. Joining this community exposes members to exclusive benefits, such as year-round access to e-resources, mentorship opportunities, career development programs, and curated content tailored to their professional growth. Day 1 (Quantum AI Cybernetics) - Friday, 27 October | 9am - 2pm Step into the future of technology and explore the cutting-edge intersection of Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybernetics. Join us for an enlightening event featuring a dynamic panel of experts and a series of immersive workshops, all centred around the fascinating theme of "Quantum AI Cybernetics." Delve into discussions, hands-on experiences, and visionary insights that will reshape your understanding of the potential and challenges at the crossroads of these transformative fields. Workshop Topics - Managing Cybersecurity by Mr Lim Ming Han - Quantum Computing by Mr Julian Tan - AI & Big Data Analytics by Dr Rex Yeap Day 2 (Greener Way of Thinking) - Saturday, 28 October | 9am - 2pm Embark on a journey toward a more sustainable future with our enlightening event centred around the theme of "Green Economy and Sustainability." Join us as we bring together experts, and enthusiasts to explore innovative strategies, practical solutions, and ethical considerations in fostering a greener and more sustainable world. Through engaging panel discussions and a series of interactive workshops, attendees will gain insights, tools, and inspiration to contribute to the global movement for environmental well-being. Workshop Topics - Strategies for Business Sustainability by Mr Wildy Chia - Strategic Workforce for Green Economy by Dr Tommy Tan - Leading Transformation for Sustainability by Ms Valerie Lee Mark your calendar and join us at our Learning Series on 27 & 28 Oct! Event Highlights - Panel of Discussion - Engaging Workshops - SIMSOC Membership & Partners Booths - SIM GE Career Guidance & Programme Consultation Booth - SIM Academy Course Consultation Booth - Goodie Bag, Special Deals and Refreshments (For registered attendees)

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Date: 27 Oct 2023, Friday
Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Location: SIM Campus @ Clementi, 461 Clementi Road, 599491

Date: 28 Oct 2023, Saturday
Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
Location: SIM Campus @ Clementi, 461 Clementi Road, 599491


Speaker's Profile:

Dr Rex Yeap, Associate Facilitator, SIM Academy
Dr Rex Yeap

Dr. Rex Yeap is a Partner at Invention Capital, where he leads the creation and commercialization of novel inventions and the investment and incubation of early-stage companies. He is a member of the executive council of the AI & Robotics Chapter of the Singapore Computer Society and serves as an AI & AI Ethics review panellist. Dr. Yeap has been involved in AI-related research and development since the early 1990s, focusing on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Neural Networks. He is involved in several AI projects, including managing a Machine Learning-based Dental Information System, developing a Data-Driven System & AI Ethics course, and innovating various systems and applications ranging from e-commerce machine translations to multi-agent robotics. Dr. Yeap has taught Neural Networks at the Information Technology Institute and AI at the University of London. He teaches AI and its ethical implications at the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.

Speaker's Profile:

Mr Julian Tan, Supply Chain Transformation Leader, IBM Singapore
Mr Julian Tan

Julian Tan is the AP leader for IBM Supply Chain Transformation. He has a strong passion for harnessing AI and Industry 4 technologies in building Next-Gen Supply Chain capabilities. Over the course of his career, he has held several technical and management leadership roles, such as Semiconductor and Electronics technology qualification, Supplier Management, New Product Introduction and Quality. He is also IBM’s SEA Quantum Business Development Executive since 2018. He was named the Global 2017 Frost & Sullivan (F&S) Visionary Leadership Award recipient, and 2018 F&S Transformation award for his work around AI in the quality practice, which also contributed to IBM being named 2018 F&S Large Enterprise Manufacturer of the Year Award. He is a recognised IBM Outstanding People Manager and is also IBM 2021 Recognition Experience Honoree.

Speaker's Profile:

Mr Lim Minhan, Lecturer, SIM Global Education
Mr Lim Minhan

Mr Lim Min Han has more than 15 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. Currently, he oversees the Consulting practice in Ensign InfoSecurity. Prior to this role, he has led incident response and OT security in a "Big Four", co-founded a cybersecurity practice helping organisations secure their businesses, as well as managed various cyber operations in the armed forces. He holds a Master degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Moderator's Profile:

Mr Jerald Chua, Chief Operating Officer, Bondlinc Pte Ltd
Mr Jerald Chua

Jerald is the current Chief Operating Officer at Bondlinc, a fixed-income wealth management solutions provider and consultant that caters to private banks such as BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, Julius Baer, UOB, and Bank of China. He is responsible for overseeing Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India, where he helps clients improve their operational and market efficiency, while also ensuring the successful execution of growth and market expansion strategies internally. Jerald played a key role in orchestrating the funding rounds of Bondlinc, which saw its last raise at pre-series at a post-money valuation of S$10 million. He took over as Head of Operations in 2019 and was instrumental in rebalancing the finances, reducing operational expenditure by 47%, while increasing revenue by more than 300%. These factors contributed to the extension of the company’s runway by at least 10 times.

Speaker's Profile:

Ms Valerie Lee, Associate Facilitator, SIM Academy
Ms Valerie Lee

Valerie is a business entrepreneur and a DDDLP-certified Specialist Adult Educator amongst the accredited Adult Education Professionals. She has founded several successful business ventures involving the design and supply of propriety smart apparels and leading nascent developments in IoT applications, providing consultation and training programs for clients in their sustainability transformation journey. Her expertise in business establishment and digital process implementation has given her a unique edge to excel in today’s challenging business landscape. Valerie holds a M.B.A and a first degree in Mechanical Engineering from NUS. She was featured in the inaugural Singapore 100 Women in Tech 2020.

Speaker's Profile:

Dr Tommy Tan, Founder/Principal Consultant, Dolphine Performance Consulting
Dr Tommy Tan

Dr. Tommy Tan is an Omnipreneur who has extensive experience and notable achievements in the realm of workforce sustainability and leadership. With over 20 years of leadership proficiency in the Asian region, he is a seasoned HR connnoisseur, specialising in leadership evolution and adept team administration. Dr. Tan has a robust educational framework and widespread hands-on acumen, which has helped him ascend to the echelons of preeminence as a venerated authority in nurturing effective talent management and cultivating enriching learning milieus within corporate landscapes. Dr. Tommy Tan is actively engaged in the process of writing a book centred around "Singapore Workforce Sustainability and Leadership." to be published by the end of 2023. Since 2020, Dr. Tommy Tan has served as an esteemed advisory board member for Curriculum Development at the Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA).

Speaker's Profile:

Mr Wildy Chia, Lecturer, SIM Global Education
Mr Wildy Chia

Mr Wildy Chia is founder and owner of an accounting firm in Singapore. He holds an MBA from the University of Manchester and is a Chartered Accountant (Singapore). Previously, he had worked in various industries, including technology start up and logistics. Apart from his professional experience in corporate, he had accumulated 15 over years of lecturing experience at undergraduate to post graduate level studies for subjects including accounting and finance. Currently, when he is not in the classrooms, he spends time running his practice and keeping up to date on current affairs. While running his own practice, he has developed special interest in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues.

Moderator's Profile:

Ms Gayle Wong, Head, Sustainability & Communications, EVCo (Strides DST Pte Ltd)
Ms Gayle Wong

Gayle Wong is an award-winning senior leader with a proven track record in integrated marketing and communications, corporate relations, sustainability, and stakeholder development. She is Head of Sustainability and Communications at EVCo, a leading electric-mobility services provider focusing on accelerating decarbonisation with digitalisation and data. Headquartered in Singapore, EVCo helps businesses decarbonise their fleets quickly, accelerating their sustainability ambitions and creating long-term value through data. At EVCo, she leads and develops the organisation’s sustainability practice, business solutions, and communications and marketing strategies.