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Singapore's Deep Tech Talent Landscape


Feb 15 2023, Wednesday08:00 PM - 08:50 PM (GMT+08:00)-Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


Shazar Ave 1, Jerusalem, Israel

, Israel

, 9106001


Talent scarcity is a major pain point and impediment to startups in many Deep Tech sectors. Singapore, like the rest of the world, faces talent bottlenecks, with a shortage of researchers proficient in frontier technologies aimed at areas such as drug development, AgriFood tech and sustainable urban solutions.

To bridge talent gaps prevalent across the various sectors, SGInnovate is spearheading long-term strategies that enable the expansion of talent pipelines, and facilitate training opportunities for Deep Tech practitioners. At the core of its efforts is Deep Tech Talent Central, Singapore’s only one-stop gateway addressing both talent and startup needs in the country’s emerging tech ecosystem.

This session will provide an understanding of how these strategies provide a platform to explore collaboration, and help organisations across the world meet their Deep Tech talent needs:

  • Overview of Singapore’s Deep Tech talent landscape
  • Talent, investments and community-building: Understanding the triple-helix ecosystem development approach
  • The Deep Tech Talent Central strategy: Working with partners to drive the ecosystem forward
  • A closer look: Talent gaps in Singapore’s biotech sector and how SGInnovate is preparing to bridge these gaps

Speaker: Juliana Lim, Executive Director – Talent, SGInnovate