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  • Towards an Educated and Enterprising Future: The Estonia Model

    Estonia and Singapore are both relatively small countries that have grown in scope and impact far beyond its borders – especially in its digital initiatives and innovation. In terms of education, the two countries top the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) global rankings on student performance in mathematics, reading, and science among OECD countries.

    Topics: Others

  • Cyberthreats Resilience: How to Protect Smart Cities

    As cities are growing smarter, their core infrastructure and systems become increasingly dependent on data and connectivity. A smart city's interconnectedness then turns into a double-edged sword as the city becomes more prone to cyber threats and cyberattacks. 

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  • Australia x Singapore Social Innovation Pitch Night

    Engineers have the ability to create and innovate solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. Real Skills Education, a not-for-profit organisation based in Australia is bringing some of the most talented engineering students to Singapore to present deeply technical solutions towards global social issues afflicting the world we live in.

    Topics: Blockchain, Data Science / Data Analytics, Startup and Corporate Open Innovation, Talent and Mentoring, Others

  • Creating Places in an Interconnected World: New Technology & Our Buildings

    Buildings are central to the way we work and live. Comfort of the built environment impacts our quality of life: productivity, health and happiness. Buildings also consume almost 40% of global energy, driving the interest of energy solution providers. In this unique event, we will explore how new technologies are changing the way we create places to work and live better. 

    Topics: CleanTech / Green Tech, Others

  • Innovators' Series: Leadership In The Digital Age

    Digital forces are changing the skills that executives need to manage organisations. In a world that has become increasingly digital, large companies may sometimes find it hard to adapt. Whether it is a traditional corporation, non-profit, small business or startup, organisations that thrive are led by leaders who understand the forces that shape their environment.

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  • NAMIC Startup Innovation Forum

    The NAMIC Startup Innovation Forum is an inaugural platform for global Additive Manufacturing (AM) startups to pitch their innovative ideas for support and funding. This inaugural forum is held in conjunction with the NAMIC Summit 2019, which features a week of AM-related activities and programmes. 

    Topics: Startup and Corporate Open Innovation, Others

  • Scaling Innovation in the Beauty Space

    This by-invitation only event is organised to further increase synergy between L’Oreal partners and the regional startup collaborators. Through insightful keynotes and an exciting panel discussion, we aim to learn, develop and integrate more innovative components into the value chain to transform the beauty space. This platform is the first of many opportunities to better communication and future partnerships. 

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  • Energy & Future of Mobility in a Connected World

    Mobility takes up 30% of the global energy consumption. With digital technology and growth in e-commerce and platform-type of business models, mobility solutions are transforming. Join us at this panel discussion followed by a breakout session to discuss the future of mobility and what the sector can do to better address changing customer needs.

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  • Chatbots and Consumer Experience

    In a recent study of 800 decision-makers conducted by Oracle, 80% of respondents said that they have already used chatbots or are planning to use chatbots by 2020.

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  • Blockchain Evening on Smart Contracts: A Legal & Dispute Resolution Analysis

    Smart contracts may revolutionise commercial transactions insofar as they create legally binding relations and are enforceable in a suitable dispute resolution forum.

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  • Future of Energy: The New Normal

    Helmed by Electrify.Asia, this event seeks to spark conversations on the evolution of the energy industry. Themed The New Normal, bold predictions for the future of energy beget doubts and challenges. Where do we see ourselves in twenty years? And how will innovations like energy storage, peer-to-peer energy trading and grid innovations lead us into that future?

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