Privacy and Data Protection in the Era of AI: A Dialogue for the Healthcare Sector | SGInnovate
July 06 2021


Online Event

Privacy and Data Protection in the Era of AI: A Dialogue for the Healthcare Sector

Presented by SGInnovate and SMU Centre for AI and Data Governance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to revolutionise our daily lives - from AI-powered advisors that help us make decisions when investing in the financial markets to AI-powered machines that serve our health or other needs. AI will also drive more efficient industrial processes, delivering smarter networks and better products and services at reduced costs. While these developments claim to improve our daily lives, they also present new challenges over privacy, data protection and ethics. Despite the discussion of these challenges being cross-sectoral, a sectoral-specific dialogue is also needed as the considerations, concerns, and solutions differ in each sector.
This Sectoral Dialogue is an annual initiative run by the Singapore Management University's Centre for AI and Data Governance. Every year, privacy and data protection concerning the development and use of AI is examined in a specific sector. This dialogue will begin with a roundtable with key stakeholders, followed by a Seminar with a panel of academics from different jurisdictions. This initiative aims to develop interdisciplinary and comparative cutting-edge research that contributes to this ongoing debate while providing sectoral-specific recommendations for tackling the challenges associated with privacy and data protection in the AI era.
This second Sectoral Dialogue presented with SGInnovate will focus on the privacy and data protection challenges of implementing AI in the healthcare sector. During the Roundtable session, academics, key industry leaders, and experts will discuss the issues relating to privacy and data protection that should be addressed to contribute to the responsible use of AI in healthcare. The discussion will also revolve around existing and proposed solutions, outstanding issues, and problems raised. The results from the Roundtable will form the basis for further research and study for a seminar projected to be held a couple of months after the Roundtable.
Date: 6 July 2021, Tuesday
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm (Singapore Time / UTC +8)

Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Computer Science

Industry: Health and BioMedical Sciences