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SGInnovate Infinity Series for Organisations​

The Infinity Series offers companies the opportunity to accelerate product development while working alongside and mentoring high–potential talent in areas such as Software Development, Product Management, Data Analytics, UI/UX Design and more.​​​​​​


    3 — 6 Months of Apprenticeship* for Students, Undergraduates and Postgraduates


    Monthly Award of S$3,000 — S$6,000*


    Deep Tech Projects

Why Should You Join?


Access to Top Talent

Acquire top talent from leading universities with fresh perspectives for 3 — 6 months.​



Attract top talent with co-funding from SGInnovate, up to 70% of the total stipends for the programme​.


Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness through marketing and outreach initiatives.​​


Talent Matching

SGInnovate will take care of matching the talent most suited for your organisational needs.​​​


Talent Pipeline

Build a strong technical pipeline for future employees.​

Infinity will be discontinued from January 2024. Partner with us in the Summation Programme.

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Who Should Join?



Your organisation should be a Deep Tech startup with proof of financial stability.​


Tech Talent

Looking to hire talent to scale your product development with projects in Software Development, Data Analytics, UI/UX Design and Product Management etc.​



Your organisation should provide a technical mentor within the duration of the programme.

Please check FAQs for more details

Timeline for Infinity Series

Inofinity Organisations Timeline

Infinity will be discontinued from January 2024. Partner with us in the Summation Programme.

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Over 50 Deep Tech Projects to Choose From

Explore current projects via the cards below or click here for the full project descriptions. Talent applications for the Infinity Series is now open, click the button below to apply now.


Full-Stack Developer for Web3 Identities Solution Platform


Front-End Developer for Web3 Identities Solution Platform


Product Designer for Web3 Identities Solution Platform


Backend Developer for Web3 Identities Solution Platform


Building Structural Health Monitoring dashboard (IoT)


Building Scalable Systems for Large Scale Video Analytics


AI Dashboard for Smart Building


Cloud-Based Data Infrastructure for Enzyme Evolution


AireLevate™ Exosuit Deployment for Logistics Industry


SambalOS - Intelligence for Autonomous Underwater Robotics


Thermal Modelling of Warehouse Conditions

Eureka Robotics

Robotics Software Development


AI Medical Imaging for Breast Cancer Screening (Software Development)

Hypotenuse AI

A/B Testing Framework for AI Content Writer

Hypotenuse AI

Phoenix Platform UI/UX Design

KKT Technology (Holmusk)

Designing Mental Healthcare Application


Apollo – Full Stack Development for eCommerce Intelligence Engine

Medios Technologies

Software that Powers Next-Gen Medical Devices in Eye Care

Medios Technologies

Powering the Backend and Data Infrastructure for Next-Gen Medical Devices in Eye Care


Lifecycle Management System, Protection Suite

Microtube Technologies

Data Analytics for Gamified Smart Wearables

Microtube Technologies

UI/UX Design for Gamified Smart Wearables

Phaos Technology

Full Stack Development for Microscopy


Dashboard Development for Precision Agriculture, Control, and Monitoring with Micro-Drones


UI/UX Design for Materials R&D Platform


Front-End Web Development for Materials R&D Platform

Regeneration Energy

Democratising Hydrogen and New Energy Sources Through Decentralised Marketplaces


Mission Control Software Engineering for Quantum Satellite Programme


Quantum Key Distribution Software Development


Designing Product Roadmap for Quantum Projects


Crowdsource Data Post-Submission Task Review on Mobile App


Automatic Badge Assignment Feature Development on Gamified Platform


Unified User Profiling Feature Page Development on Internal Platform


Developing AI-powered Platform to Democratise Echocardiography

Venti Technonologies

UX/UI Design of Remote Vehicle Operations


Dimensions Augmented Reality for Building Information Modeling


Click here for the full list of current Deep Tech projects.

Hear from our Domain Experts

Kunal Sandeep

Co-Founder & CEO, Polymerize.io

The Infinity Series has helped connect us with high-calibre candidates, thanks to the criteria the SGInnovate team has in place. With this help, we could quickly pick the right talent for our project and streamline the hiring process, saving significant time and costs.

Swayam Narain

Co-founder & CTO, Affable

We have worked with excellent talent from SGInnovate's Infinity series, and are privileged to be part of this programme.

Frequently asked questions

Foreign students based outside of Singapore are welcome to apply. But in light of current travel restrictions, actual matching to opportunities will only take place once the restrictions have been lifted. For more information, please refer to our FAQs.

SGInnovate’s Infinity (∞) Series is a Deep Tech Immersion Programme that seeks to groom top multi-disciplinary Talent through cumulative placements across different technical areas such as Software Development, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, UI / UX design, Product Management etc.   

Infinity Series offers talent the breadth to explore varied technical roles and product development stages to broaden their understanding of how innovation is translated into reality. Their industry experience will be supplemented by modular training curated by SGInnovate alongside industry experts. Students are encouraged to re-join Infinity Series and take up different internships to grow holistically across the 4  key pillars in the product development lifecycle.  

Hence, aside from strong technical skills, start-ups can expect returning Infinity Series Talent to possess competencies across these 4 areas, which will be advantageous in helping start-ups accelerate their product development at different stages.  




Your organisation should meet all the following criteria: 

  • Proof of financial stability with supporting financial statements 

  • A minimum of five (5) employees, and a total number of employees not exceeding 100  

  • Startups should have completed seed stage of fundraising, but have yet to pursue Series C funding. For co-funding level, refer to Q12. 

  • Incorporated for more than a year at the point of application 

  • Nature of the business or projects that the talent will be supporting on must be in Deep Tech areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT, Robotics, Quantum, etc. 

  • Ability to offer opportunities between 3 — 6 months in core functions such as Software Development, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, UI / UX design, and Product Management, which support the Deep Tech nature of the business/projects 

  • Ability to provide experienced mentor(s) to guide the talent 


By participating in the Infinity Series, Deep Tech startups or organisations with Deep Tech projects can gain motivated talent with diverse competencies that elevate their teams, while benefitting from SGInnovate’s co-funding support.   

Conversely, the Infinity Series provides students with exposure to Deep Tech projects and opportunities to develop their technical capabilities which would boost their employability when they graduate. The programme provides new opportunities for organisations and talent to explore a deeper long-term working relationship in the future as well. 

In addition, organisations will also benefit from:  

  • Honing the leadership and mentoring skills of their tech leads 

  • Opportunities to meet potential talent in SGInnovate’s networking sessions  

  • Networking and brand awareness opportunities via SGInnovate’s Deep Tech events 


Infinity Series 


Programme Focus 

Developing tertiary students and postgraduates with key competencies revolving around the 4 pillars, at every stage of the product development lifecycle through core technical projects in areas such as Software Development, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, UI / UX design, and Product Management. 


Driving full-time students, postgraduates and fresh graduates with notable skillsets to contribute to the development of cutting-edge Deep Tech projects in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, Robotics, etc. 



Talent Eligibility 

Open to full-time students and postgraduates who are:  


  • Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents 

  • International Students based in Singapore  

Only Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for funding.  


Refer to the funding breakdown question for more information. 

Open to full-time students, postgraduates and fresh graduates (with less than 1 year of working experience) who are: 


  • Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents 

  • Foreigners 


Both are eligible for funding. 


Refer to funding breakdown below for more information. 

Design of Programme 

Talent is encouraged to return for up to 3 different internships to gain exposure of the end-to-end product development lifecycle and hone different competencies. 


Standard monthly stipend of S$2,000, regardless of academic level. 


Each internship is a standalone experience and Talent who are interested in exploring another Deep Tech project may choose to join another run of Summation. 



Minimum level of monthly stipend will be tagged according to academic level. 

Please refer to the timeline on the website under Infinity Series Programme. No submissions will be accepted after the stipulated deadline. 

The role of the mentor is to provide our talent guidance and feedback throughout the programme while acting as an industry role model to provide professional insights.  While there are certain structures in place (e.g mid & end-programme review), mentors have the flexibility to design the mentoring experience and developmental goals for their mentee. 

The mentor needs to curate a developmental competency journey that the talent can expect to be exposed to during his / her internship. The exposure will be in line with the 4 pillars of the product development lifecycle:  

  1. Technical Exposure 

  1. Product Exposure 

  1. Business Exposure 

  1. Soft Skills Exposure 

The mentor should: 

  • Have at least five (5) years of strong technical experience and two (2) years of mentoring experience 

  • Be able to commit to the full programme period and programme requirements such as attending mid-programme reviews 

  • Be invested in the development of the talent through regular check-in’s/ engagements sessions.  


Organisations can expect applicants of all nationalities who are students currently pursuing a Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree from a local or overseas Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL). 

Applicants must be based in Singapore and have demonstrated interest and knowledge in Software Development, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, UI / UX design or Product Management. Do note that co-funding of monthly stipends will  only be eligible for applicants who are Singaporeans and PRs. 

The programme duration ranges from 3 – 6 months with a minimum commitment of 3 months full-time. Actual duration of programme may vary based on role requirements and talent’s availability.  


A combination of full-time and part-time arrangements may be considered to help meet the minimum commitment of 3 months full-time combined (subjected to SGInnovate’s approval). 

Organisations are encouraged to continue working and developing the talent beyond the duration of the programme and possibly even converting them to full-time employees upon their graduation. Any arrangement after the stipulated duration is out of the programme scope. Your organisation is free to liaise directly with the talent. Any arrangement or agreement made would be between both parties only, and not associated with SGInnovate. 

Organisations are required to pay for all costs upfront and will be reimbursed monthly for items co-funded under the Infinity Series.  

The monthly stipend for each Talent is S$2,000 regardless of academic qualifications and it is CPF exempted.  

Co-funding from SGInnovate will be applicable up to a maximum of 6 months and co-funding rate will be dependent on the scale of the organisation (refer to Q12). Please note that there is no co-funding for foreigners. 


Co-funded items under the Infinity Series 



Singaporean Citizen / Permanent Residents 

Infinity award1 

50% or 70% of talent’s monthly stipend (refer to table below) 

Training costs 

50% co-funding2 

(Only applicable to SC/PR) 


1  The Infinity award will be reimbursed to the organisations on a monthly basis. 

2 Modular trainings are curated by SGInnovate with local IHLs to support the development of the Talent. Training fees are payable by startups, with a 50% co-funding capped at $500 per Talent (for SC/PR). No co-funding is available for foreigners hence, startups will bear all training costs ranging from S$900 to S$2,000. 

Funding Eligibility 

70% co-funding 

50% co-funding 

Scale of Organisation 

Up to Series A.  

Funds raised does not exceed S$10 million in the latest round 

Up to Series B.  

Funds raised does not exceed S$20 million in the latest round 

SGInnovate will review and shortlist the projects that meet the programme requirements. The projects are selected based on the type of technology, the exposure and development opportunities offered, and quality of the mentorship provided by each organisation. SGInnovate reserves all rights to select the projects offered for the Infinity Series. 

Organisations can submit up to 3 projects onto the Infinity Series and each project will be allowed to onboard a maximum of 2 talent.  

Organisations should have a clear scope for each of the projects being offered and/or how the project supports the organisation’s product development.  

Upon signing the partnership agreement between your organisation and SGInnovate, SGInnovate would get in touch with you to understand your selection requirements (including any technical assessment details) and publicise the projects for students to apply. 

There are three stages: 

  • Stage 1: SGInnovate will review all applications and shortlist those who meet the basic requirements as  specified in the project(s) 

  • Stage 2: Shortlisted applicants will go through technical and cognitive (General Reasoning) assessments  

  • Stage 3: Organisations will conduct interviews with shortlisted applicants   

Applicants may apply and interview for multiple projects. In the event an applicant receives multiple offers, their preferences will be considered during the matching process. SGInnovate's decision is final. 

Once an applicant accepts the organisation’s offer, an agreement between the organisation and the talent must be signed within three (3) working days. More information on this agreement will be shared later with the selected organisations. 

Start dates are flexible and should be agreed upon between the organisation and the talent prior to signing the agreement.  

Talent are required to complete feedback forms, training logs, attend planned training workshops and participate in event(s) related to the programme. Organisations should support and encourage them to participate in these activities.  

Organisations will also have to send relevant personnel to attend a reimbursement briefing prior to the start of the programme to understand the reimbursement process. 

Mentors will need to attend a briefing prior to the start of the program and complete online feedback forms and/or review sessions during the programme.   


Organisations are expected to pay the monthly award amount and stipend agreed to the talent.  Reimbursement claims should be submitted every month. Monies will be disbursed to organisations after 6 weeks upon successful submission of all accurate documentations.  

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