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  • Soaring with Satellites [Online Event]

    There has been much buzz surrounding Space Technologies and how they can improve mobility, connectivity and communication systems and services. Have you ever wondered how these satellite communications are applied? Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, how has the new normal changed the progressions and applications of such Space Technologies?

    Topics: SpaceTech

  • Hack Space for the Planet

    Come join our crew if you are interested in new innovative ideas to tackle global challenges and transform life on Earth. If you are an investor, a change maker, a startup ecosystem contributor or a corporate who is looking for new ideas, investments or collaborations with budding entrepreneurs passionate about our planet, this is an opportunity out of this world. 120 students applied in only one week, 30 talented and passionate individuals have been selected forming four teams that are ready to meet you at the finals. 

    Topics: SpaceTech, Talent and Mentoring, Others

  • Galileo Mobility Night, powered by GNSS.asia

    Galileo enables mobility solutions – meet specialists from Europe’s global satellite navigation programme and learn how it impacts mobility and enables innovative solutions around the world.  For the week of ITS World Congress in Singapore – Galileo and ITS professionals from around the globe will meet Singaporean startups and the innovation ecosystem at large. Join us to find out how Galileo makes the difference.

    Topics: SpaceTech

  • NASA Space Apps Challenge Pre-Hackathon Workshop

    The NASA Space Apps Challenge is the world’s largest global hackathon engaging thousands of citizens across the globe to use NASA’s open data to build innovative solutions to challenges we face on Earth and in space. We’re proud to host the Challenge in Singapore for the third time this year.

    Topics: SpaceTech

  • Space Tech for Mobility

    Improving mobility is a necessity and will strongly impact the economy, environment and life. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play a major role in increasing operational efficiency, improving the quality of key public services such as transportation, and in sharing goods and information with others.

    Topics: SpaceTech, Startup and Corporate Open Innovation

  • Spearheading a Space-based Economy

    Meet ispace, a private lunar exploration company headquartered in Tokyo, that develops lunar landers and micro-robotic rovers to map and collect data from the Moon’s surface with the idea of harvesting and utilising lunar resources as a new energy platform for deep space exploration. For the very first time in Singapore, you will also get the opportunity to view a demonstration of their lunar exploration robotics!

    Topics: SpaceTech

  • Singapore Astropreneurs Meetup: World Space Week 2018

    Meet the largest community of astropreneurs (astro + entrepreneur) in Singapore, with presentations from investors, space engineers, and astropreneurs. Featuring a special Skype appearance by California-based astropreneur, John Tucker.

    Topics: SpaceTech

  • Dear Future Founders

    The world has difficult challenges that can be tackled with deep tech – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Medtech, Space Tech, etc. In recent years, Singapore’s deep tech ecosystem has been fast growing, with venture-catalysts, talent, corporate and government partners working with scientists and researchers to build companies. 

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, SpaceTech

  • Space Startup Night

    Space tech is not often talked about in Singapore, but it is a deep tech sector that holds tremendous potential globally. At this event, the aim is to inform and connect potential investors, startups and interested public (future employees & startups) about the commercial and investment opportunities in space here in Singapore.

    Topics: SpaceTech

  • SWITCH 2017


    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Blockchain, Others, SpaceTech

  • NASA Space Apps

    For the very first time, NASA Space Apps Challenge is coming to Singapore. Join us to address our planet Earth's challenges using NASA's open data.

    Topics: SpaceTech

  • Singapore Astropreneurs Meetup

    Discuss space technology and space exploration. Get inspired to innovate.

    Topics: SpaceTech