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Bridging the Talent Gaps in Singapore’s Biotech Sector


Fri, 12/16/2022 - 12:00


Already the world’s third-largest pharmaceutical market, the Asia-Pacific region is likely to see further increased demand for pharmaceuticals and therapeutics, while the life sciences industry continues its path of rapid growth. Singapore is in an optimal position to capture the growing opportunities afforded by this market – if its skills and talent development efforts can keep up with the pace of growth of the industry. 

SGInnovate’s Bridging the Talent Gaps in Singapore’s Biotech Sector sheds new light on the current and predicted state of Singapore’s biotech entrepreneurship ecosystem, and highlights the key talent development needs in the community.


The paper draws on research commissioned by SGInnovate, completed by LEK Consulting, which includes interviews with key stakeholders from across the ecosystem – including government agency representatives, biotech CEOs and venture capitalists – to form recommendations about the future of the ecosystem.


Key topics covered in this paper include:

  • Current and future growth in Singapore’s biotech entrepreneurship ecosystem

  • Talent shortage faced across different experience levels and clinical phases

  • Key recommendations for biotech ecosystem stakeholders to close the talent gap

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