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Richard Koh
Richard Koh

Chief Technology Officer Microsoft Singapore

SGInnovate has been extremely helpful in my career development. Through their platform and panels, I have gained predominant knowledge and excellent guidance, which enabled me to drive the data and AI initiatives at Lazada.
Muni Vinay Kamisetty
Muni Vinay Kamisetty

Senior Vice President, Regional Head of Data and AI – Enterprise Intelligence Lazada Group

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  • Singapore’s Readiness for Autonomous Vehicle Adoption

    According to KPMG’s Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index’s 2020 edition, Singapore was ranked first in the world for the level of preparedness for autonomous vehicles. Since the start of 2019, Singapore has taken significant steps towards encouraging testing, development, and the adoption of AVs, with several autonomous vehicle R&D trials already underway.
    In this event, we dive deeper into Singapore’s readiness for autonomous vehicles by discussing factors such as safety, infrastructure, privacy, and regulatory frameworks. We will also be exploring ways to harness the full potential of autonomous vehicle technology to create a sustainable and reliable transport system for Singapore.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Others

    Industry: Urban Mobility (USS)

  • Fuel for Thought: Hydrogen and Low-Energy Technologies for a Sustainable Energy Future

    As part of Singapore’s long-term low-emission development strategy, Singapore has pledged to reduce its peak greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 by the year 2050. With 95% of Singapore’s electricity currently generated from natural gas and Singapore’s limited renewable energy sources, the importance of developing low-carbon energy technologies including hydrogen is key to ensure a clean, reliable, and affordable energy supply. 

    Topics: Deep Tech for Good, Sustainability

    Industry: Urban Mobility (USS)